GEN Y Panel with my sister, Nisha Sadekar! #Inspiration #BFF

Seema_Style_Nisha_GenYHi Everyone!

Recently, my beautiful and talented sister spoke on a panel to a group of GEN Y about the importance of dedication and commitment to becoming a successful person.

The event took place in San Diego at the beautiful downtown library.  Many entrepreneurs and leaders in the area attended to meet and listen to the speakers.  It was so beautiful and fun!

“Our GenY has access to all sides of a successful team in all sectors; from innovation and ideas, to marketing and sales, operations, legal, capital, mentors, developers, board members, financial, celebrities and more.” – Chris Joesph, Gen Y Event Producer 

Nisha is a former LPGA Futures Tour player, and has now transitioned over to having her own successful business. Nisha is the CEO of company Play Golf Designs INC.  The company embraces celebrity, fashion, fun and pop culture into the game of golf, while creating innovative golf events, experiences and solutions for it’s clients!

“Our team is passionate about having fun on the course. Our golf business savvy weaves into the world of fashion, fitness, beauty and entertainment, teaching our clients how to grow their brands using the world of golf.” – Nisha Sadekar

Nisha speaks to the youth about building and leveraging relationships, creating and believing in your own identity, trust your instincts, and create, nurture and love the business friendships you can make over the years!  CHECKOUT NISHA SADEKAR’S GEN Y BIO 

The panel consisted of a variety of speakers from Public and Private Leaders, Non-profit Leaders, and Athletic and Entertainment Leaders! The leaders missions are to deliver the right message to the youth and motivate them to become role models in their industry!


Nisha, along with NBA & NCAA Star Coach and current FOX Sports Analyst Kevin O’Neill, as well as NFL Stars, Quinn Early, and Jacob Bell, spoke of their experiences in professional sports.  Each speaker shared their knowledge on their sport and transition into the world of business.

Nisha has been a role model from a young age.  We have been best friends forever!  I am so lucky to have her help me in both, the golf and business worlds. She has been a leader to me and has guided me through the good and bad times!  We are sisters that truly believe and love one another, it is a wonderful relationship.  She has spent several of years helping me better me as a person and helped nurture my game on the course, it is so fun to now spend time inside the business world!  I love her very much and I am very proud of all her success and achievements!

FUN QUOTE: “Paving paths for others, working late and challenging yourself, learning from mistakes, growing as a person, succeeding with humility and celebrating goals is what my business is about!  Golf is my tool, what’s yours? – Nisha Sadekar

Love you Nish! Thank you so much for being my role model!

Xo, Seema

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