My Dream Car, Course and Foursome! #What’sYours?

seema_style_dream_stuffHey Dream Team!

We all dream about what it would be like driving our favorite car, pulling into our favorite golf course and playing with our ultimate dream foursome!

Let’s play make-believe today! 🙂

FUN ACTIVITY:  Pick 1 Car you love, 1 course you want to play and 3 people you would like to have join you for a round of golf…

Here is my FUN list:

Car: The Mercedes Benz SL600!  BUT, not just the regular plain black, white or silver SL600, I want the 300,000 Swarovski crystal studded ride SL600!  This sparkly fun ride was spotted at the 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon!


Course: Kauri Cliffs in Matauri Bay New Zealand!  This world class course is designed and built by the fabulous and creative David Harman!  Fifteen of the greens and manicured holes view the Pacific Ocean and 6 of which are played along the cliffs!  I have always wanted to visit New Zealand…

My “Dream 4 Some”: This is toughie. So many people I want to play with but only 3 spots:)

1.  I would have to put Mariah Carey in my group!  She is so sparkly and fabulous, you know her outfit would be amazing and she would keep us all entertained!

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2.  Tiger Woods is #obvi!  I have great admiration for his work ethic, talent and skills!   I could learn a lot by playing 18 holes with him mentally and physically. I could totally wear a sparkly red outfit which I think he would appreciate!

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3. This is really hard for me to choose my last person! It is a toss between my amazing and pretty sister Nisha or my best friends who brought me into this world and game my mom or my dad!  I am going to go with…MY DAD!  He has such a love and passion for the game, he loves fashion and we would all have have blast!

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Not only would this be a great 18 holes, I think the 19th hole would also be blast! #Cocktails #Laughs! 🙂

Tweet me on @SeemaSadekar or @SeemaStyle and tell me what your dream team is!

May all your dreams come true!

Love you, Seema

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