Change Of Hair! #newlook

Seema_Style_Change_Of_HairHi Hair Hotties!

Sometimes we all have a “Change Of Heart” and then sometimes you have “Change Of Hair!”

In order to feel our best, we must be the healthiest we can be, and healthy hair is important!  There is no better feeling we have as a woman than after leaving a spa or salon with a fresh new healthy look!

Over the years I’ve maintained the same look… long hair – straightened with a few layers. This look is what I have been comfortable with and have finally decided to have a “Change Of Hair!”

My best friend Julia (aka Julez) does my hair and is the most amazing hairstylist in the world!  We decided to change my look by cutting 3 inches off my length, adding a variety of layers and thin light brown highlights.

HAIR TIP:  When in the shower, condition your hair and let the conditioner set for a few minutes.  Use a wide-tooth comb, not a brush, to gently detangle and smooth out your hair, then apply a little more conditioner for a healthy finish!  Wash and dry~

Instead of always straightening my hair with my favorite Chi Straightener, Julia taught me how to round brush and curl my hair, giving it more volume and style!  I like this look so much better!

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Being out in the sun golfing it is important for me to take care of my hair and protect it from the UV rays. Wearing a hat can help your hair and skin.  It can also prevent your scalp from getting burnt and your hair from getting fried.


Share your Change Of Hair with me on Twitter! 🙂

Xo, Seema

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