Rebecca Justice is All-Around-Amazing! #GUESTIE

Seema_Style_Rebecca_JusticeHi Pretty Ladies!

I have the beautiful Rebecca Justice as my #Guestie today:)  I met Rebecca two years ago at Ahmad Rashad’s Celebrity Golf Tournament in New York!  She  wore the cutest outfits and was perfectly put-togther everyday at the golf course!

I am so excited to girl chat with her about all her beauty tips, business endeavors, family and love for her hunky-husband, MLB Star, David Justice!

SEEMA STYLE:  David is a huge golfer and loves hitting the links!  Even though you don’t play, what are some of your favorite brands to wear when you are walking the golf course? Would you ever consider playing the game?

REBECCA JUSTICE:  To be honest I’m not usually “walking the golf course” I’m taking a “relaxing ride in the golf cart”! (laughs) When I do put on my get up for golf I’m a big fan of Adidas and Puma designs. Nike has really stepped up too!

SEEMA STYLE: How do you protect your skin by being outdoors and from traveling?

REBECCA JUSTICE: There are two must have for traveling and protecting my skin my Vitamin C and Sunblock.

1.  Vitamin C serum combats again environmental pollutants, it’s critical for your body and plays an important role in maintaining healthy and resilient skin.

2.  Sunblock I think speaks for itself. I personally have a sunblock creme given to me by my esthetician, because sunblock can plug your pores if you don’t have a good quality product.


SEEMA STYLE: What is in your beauty kit?

REBECCA JUSTICE:  My beauty kit is full of what I call “jams n’ jellies!”  I have a lot of skin products, mascara, and definitely several lip glosses!  I’m a crazzzzy lipgloss girl!  My favorite piece is The Stila Shadow Kit.  Multiple shadow-shades are a must for when I travel.  Nars, Makeup Forever, MAC and lots of Lorac lip glosses! *kissies!

SEEMA STYLE:  Rebecca Justice Collections is an amazing website filled with your Jewelry and Furniture Designs.  How did this become a passion of yours and what made you start your own designs?

REBECCA JUSTICE: Rebecca Justice Collections came about after our home burnt to the ground taking everything we owed with it:(  I had to start over and being a designer by trade, I decided to collaborate with now my business partner Marie Cunning, who who is right here in San Diego!  Yes all made in the USA!  (Laughs)  I was tired of never getting the look I wanted, my neighbors having the same stuff, it was not cool in a custom home, so I studied European cathedrals, chateaus, villas and designed beautiful pieces.  It has always been a passion, and I was happy to bring my passion to life!

SEEMA STYLE:  Who do you work with and what are the meanings of some of your collections?

REBECCA JUSTICE:  I seem to have created a niche with celebrity athletes, it is really a nice niche to have.  We’ve designed beautiful pieces to their taste, my Rebecca Justice Collections encompass several designs; Villa de Justicia (the furniture line) and House of Sacred Flame (the iconic jewelry and home accessories line).

FUN FACT:  The name House of Sacred Flame was inspired from the flames that took our sacred place, which was our family’s home. Rebecca named her collection after the tragedy as a sign of triumph! #Inspiring

SEEMA STYLE:  It can’t be all golf and baseball on the road when you and David travel! What are your favorite things to do as a couple and how do you guys stay so romantic?

REBECCA JUSTICE: David and are are BIG movie goers!  We love to get in lunch before we pick kids up from school.  I feed him breakfast in bed EVERY morning and I get my much needed foot massage EVERY night!  That’s romance for me!

Seema_Style_Rebecca_David_2SEEMA STYLE: You have three beautiful kids!  Do they play any sports?  Do you want to get them golfing?

REBECCA JUSTICE:  We have 3 beautiful BLAXICAN kids!  (Giggles!)  Our home is chaotic with sports, naturally.  All three of my children excel in multiple sports!  My oldest is in two basketball leagues, my middle plays baseball and basketball, and my daughter plays softball and dances hip hop!  They love golf and take summer classes, but there isn’t enough time to do it all!  I would love them to golf more… I’m tired explaining it all~ (laughs)

SEEMA STYLE:  Do you have a favorite baseball team?

REBECCA JUSTICE:  I love the Yankees. Such great memories with David with that organization, and there is such a different vibe playing in New York!

SEEMA STYLE:  What’s your favorite color?

REBECCA JUSTICE:  Blush is my favorite color!  It’s so neural and feminine leaving lots of room to accessorize, which I love to do 🙂

SEEMA STYLE:  What is your favorite perfume?

REBECCA JUSTICE: My favorite perfume at the moment is Prada Candy!

SEEMA STYLE:  Favorite Fashion Brand?

REBECCA JUSTICE:  My favorite fashion brand is Louis Vuitton. So classic… but Chanel, Gucci are a very close second 😉

SEEMA STYLE: Favorite Beauty Brand?

REBECCA JUSTICE: My favorite beauty brand is MAC because of the variety of glosses!.

SEEMA STYLE: Can you give us one of your secret beauty tips that you do daily so we can copy you?

REBECCA JUSTICE:  My daily beauty tip is my NUFACE TRINITY DEVICE.  It’s a workout for your skin. It’s a facial toning system with electrical stimulation.

SEEMA STYLE:  Tell me about your stylist and her advice!

REBECCA JUSTICE:  My fabulous stylist LauraPro keeps me current and on the tip of things. She helps me with all my beauty tips. One of my favorite tips I can share is her airbrushing beauty effects. It helps my look stay fresh and radiant.


Thank you Rebecca for being such a fabulous Guestie!  Can’t wait to see you and David this year! Stay sweet and beautiful 🙂

Xoxo, Seema

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