ZEBRA FAB! #EleVen #VenusWilliams #Tennis

Seema_Style_Zebra_FabIt’s Zebra Love Day!

I absolutely love this “Approach Shot Dress” by EleVen!  This dress was designed and worn by Venus Williams at the 2014 Australian Open!  Ja’dore!

I wore this dress at the Butch Harmon School where my handsome Dale and I went to work on our golf swings!  I am a big fan of Zebra print on the golf course, it stands out and makes a fierce statement!

SEEMA STYLE FASHION FUN FACT:   With Zebra, you are sure to be fab and noticed, and animal print never goes out of style!

I love how Venus incorporates animal prints into her EleVen designs. Every Fashionista needs to own an items of animal print, because it never goes out of style!


The important thing to remember when wearing animal print is to choose only one large part of your outfit that’s jungle-wild. For example, if your golf or tennis dress is zebra print, make sure your tights shoes, accessories be non-animal print.

Checkout my EleVen Python Pink Dress

Hope you all have a Zebra Fab Day!

Xo, Seema

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