Tiger Woods In India! #GolfinIndia

Seema_Style_Tiger_IndiaTiger Woods is in India:)

Tiger is visiting India for the first time, and he will be playing in an exhibition match on Tuesday at The Delhi Golf and Country Club.

Shiv Kapur, on of India’s most talented and high-profile players, Arjun Atwal one of Tiger’s #Besties and Hero Motors Boss-Man Pawan Munjal are renowned Indian stars that will join Tiger!


In 2009, I went to Delhi to play in the Hero Honda India Women’s Open! Being surrounded by my people, my culture and the overwhelming amount of support was such an incredible feeling. One my greatest satisfactions, was the impact golf has made in India especially with the youth! Many young boys and girls surrounded the practice area eager to learn about the game! I hosted a 30 minute clinic for the kids teaching them about what the game of golf and give you and of course hitting different shots for them to see! It was one of the cutest clinics I have ever done!

“Namaste~ My Golf Indian Inspiration”

I know Tiger will have a great time in India and enjoy the experience and culture “I don’t know,” said Tiger, “I have never been. This will be my first time so it will be fun.”

Well Tiger, be prepared to eat some good curry, crazy driving where there is no lanes or lights, and meeting the most amazing and friendliest people! Shiv Kapur couldn’t have said it best when he speaks about the excitement of Tiger’s arrival into Delhi, “Tiger’s visit to India is going to make a huge impact and there is a big buzz already not only in Delhi but the whole country,”

Shiv Kapur couldn’t have saiSeema_Style_Tiger_Tweetd it best, “All the members and juniors at Delhi Golf Club will be watching with enormous interest, and while it will not be open to the media it’s all about promoting the game, Delhi Golf Club and Golf.

Tiger’s already had such a big impact on golf in India because seven or eight years ago we never saw young kids in India taking up golf and now in India those playing the game are getting young and younger and that’s predominantly due to Tiger.”

If you have never been to India, it is a beautiful country to visit!  India teaches you a lot about life, love and happiness!

Xo, Seema

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