Rhys Lloyd talks #Family #Fashion and #NFL! #Guestie

Seema_Style_Rhys_LloydIt’s Football Monday with Rhys Lloyd!

Let’s get our Monday started on the right foot with long time friend and NFL star Rhys Lloyd!  First off, I would like to start by congratulating Rhys and his beautiful wife Tina for having their third amazing son Bryden Kent Lloyd!  He is absolutely perfect!

Rhys has been a fabulous kicker for the Green Bay Packers, Frankfurt Galaxy, Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants!

Rhys Lloyd, Tina and their family have been great friends of mine for many years!  I played lots of junior golf with Tina in Florida during middle and high school!  Let’s get started by asking Rhys Lloyd some personal and fun questions!

SEEMA STYLE: What is your favorite brand to wear when you are golfing?

RHYS LLOYD: My favorite golf brands currently are the Ian Poulter line and Oakley. I like the fit, comfort and style and it is more fashionable than Adidas and Nike. I try not to follow the hear when it comes to fashion.

SEEMA STYLE: Do you have a favorite golf accessory that you always use when you are on the golf course?

RHYS LLOYD: Hmmm this is a difficult one, I would like to say my ball repair tool, as I tend to use it a lot… haha, but my true favorite is my Bose speaker, although golf is suppose to be a quite game, I like a bit of back ground music when its a social day, the tunes make everyone at easy and forget about all the bad shots…

SEEMA STYLE: How did football become a passion of yours?

RHYS LLOYD: Football is really not a true passion of mine actually, its was something I was good at, but my true passions are Football (soccer for Americans), golf and music!

SEEMA STYLE: What’s your favorite song and who is your favorite artist?

RHYS LLOYD: My favorite song would be, “Further On Up The Road” by and my all time favorite artist is Eric Clapton.

SEEMA STYLE: What has been your most memorable moment in the NFL?

RHYS LLOYD: Hmmm, I would have to say Breaking the touch back record for kick offs.

SEEMA STYLE: You were named the NFL Europa player of the week in week 3 by tying the league record for the longest field goal in League history with a 56 yarder!  What was that moment like?

RHYS LLOYD: A blur to be honest, that entire season was a blur, I had the time of my life over in Europe and made some truly amazing life friends.

SEEMA STYLE: How much hard work goes into being a successful athlete?

RHYS LLOYD: Beyond what you would think, it takes so much more that just pure talent, you have devote your life to it and sacrifice everything to make it.

SEEMA STYLE: You have a beautiful wife Tina Lloyd who has played on the LPGA Tour and has been a success in the golf world! How has she and your family played a role in your career?


RHYS LLOYD: The wife is a remarkable person, and is someone that has helped me through a lot. because kicking is so similar to golf on multiple levels we can both relate to each other. My family is the only thing that really matters to me, I have 2 amazing sons and another on the way, my wife is my best friend and great mother and my extended family are the reason for who I am today.

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SEEMA STYLE: You love to play golf and your are very talented on the course! What are some of your strengths on the course?

RHYS LLOYD: I have always been told that I have an amazing feel and pair of hands, not sure if thats on or off the course though! I would personally say my ball striking is solid and I personally feel that when I’m inside 130 i can’t get it up and down.

Seema_Style_Rhys_Dream_FoursomeSEEMA STYLE: Who would be in your golf dream foursome?

RHYS LLOYD: I have 2 foursomes, 1 Personal and 1 Professional.  “Personal” would be Myself, my dad, my papa (grandpa) and my uncle, and the “Professional” would be myself, Tiger, Rory and Poulter

SEEMA STYLE: If you could give an up and coming athlete one positive advice what would it be and why?

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RHYS LLOYD: There are a lot of cliche´comments I could make. One thing I used to do was set a realistic or achievable goal, obviously it was something that wasn’t easy, basic or simple, but something that would drive me, once I had accomplished this goal and continued to go beyond that goal it would give me confidence and a sense of pride, these attributes along with other feelings you get with achievement go a long way in the world of sport.

Thank you Rhys!  Wishing you all the best in 2014!

Love, Seema XOXO

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  1. Kevin Engstrom

    Hello – for some reason, this came up on my email. I don’t know who is receiving this but if you know Rhys Lloyd, please pass this onto him for me. I am a fan of his and a teacher at his former high school (Eastview). I had the pleasure of watching him perform as a soccer player and kicker for the Eastview Soccer and Football teams. I coached against him as a member of the Apple Valley staff but also was honored to coach with his dad (Bryn) when I switched schools and came to EVHS in 2001. During the summer following Rhys’s graduation from Rochester Community College, I truly enjoyed helping him with a bit of chemistry before he entered the U of M. I was honored to watch him perform as a premier Big Ten kicker and go onto a strong career as a NFL kicker. (I am so proud of you!!) I (attempted) to send Rhys my one and only tweet when he was drafted but I don’t believe it worked. So belatedly, I want to say congratulations and to wish Rhys and his young family all the best. Please say hi to your mom and dad – I loved the friendship we had established and I miss them greatly. EVHS is not the same without Bryn and Dr. Dewey. We miss you all but I can only assume that even if you have fond memories of MN, the weather isn’t one of them – Polar Vortex – Ouch – we have had 3 days of school canceled this year!! Happy New Year Rhys!! – your longtime friend and fan, Kevin Engstrom

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