Sweater Chic! #PINK #GetTheLook

Seema_Style_Pink_Sweater_ChicHey Sweater Chic Cuties!

Today I wore a really cute Adidas sweater/cardigan for chipping practice! Pink is definitely one of my favorite colors to rock on the golf course, it goes with almost every color and every accessory!

Check out my “Pink Pink Pink” feature in my favorite Lija Pink Dress!

I had a great time working on my chipping with my 58 degree wedge!  I moved my way around the practice green hitting to almost every pin to work on speed and feel! It’s nice to practice chipping to different targets.  Feel and speed are key to making your short game and “up and downs” more consistent.

My friend and General Manager of Dragon Ridge Golf & Country Club, Larry, came out to have a quick chipping contest with me!  It’s always fun and nice to put your skills to the test and challenge your friends, family and peers to a fun little competition!  I also ran into one of UNLV women’s golf star Demi Mak, we chatted about golf, goals, fashion and love and took lots of selfies and pics together!  She is so fab!

To get the cute sweater and cardigan look, Click Here!

Hope you all have a sweater chic amazing day!

Love you lots, Seema

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