Gold and Glam! #GetTheLook

Seema_Style_Gold_and_GlamHi Lesson Lovers,

Today I worked with my coach Vic Wilk at the Butch Harmon School of Golf! It is so nice to get back in the swing of things for the new year! This is was my first lesson of the year and I can honestly say it is fun to get started on making progress for my season to begin! Vic and I worked on driving my legs more through the golf ball and did a lot of computer work where he would analyze my golf swing in slow motion, draw lines and make sure that my swing was on plane!

My outfit was super glam and gold! The top I am wearing has an attached necklace to give the shirt more pizzaz, I paired it with a pair of black jeggings, my black and white Titleist visor with my “Seema Sparkle, Sparkly Scoops” ball marker and my favorite pair of black and white patent FootJoys! Footjoys are the most comfortable and stylish golf shoes and I love the different patterns, designs and colors they come out with every season!

Time to get the FootJoy golf shoe style HERE!!!

Start making some birdies and get my Seema Sparkle, Sparkly Scoops Ball Marker HERE!

Hope you are all having a Gold and Glam day! Xo, Seema

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