KNICKS NATION! #GetTheKnicksLook

Seema_Style_Knicks_Nation_Get_The_LookHi Knicks Friends, Fans and Family,

It’s the New Year and the Knicks have stepped it up these last few games!  I’ve been a Knicks fan for a while now and absolutely adore the team, media talent and staff!

Yesterday’s win against the Miami Heat was incredible to watch. There was a lot of emotion and energy during this game.

I wear my Knicks gear all the time, and I want you to wear yours too 🙂

Meet Tina Cervacio: The Knicks Media Diva!

With JR Smith on the bench and Coach Woodson constantly having pressure put on him, for them to come through against the Heat, I couldn’t be more proud.  I can’t wait until the next game and to see JR back in action! #GreatWin

Meet JR Smith: From the Court to the Course!

Seema_Style_Coach_Doc_JTDuring the NBA off season Coach Woodson and I play a bunch of golf together!  Here is a great picture of Coach, Jim Todd and Doc Rivers at the Jeffrey Osbourne Celebrity Golf Tournament.  I really admire Coach, he pushes me to do better and believes in my dreams.  Coach always gives me the best advice about life and motivates me to be the best athlete and person that I can be!  He is one of my greatest friends and the greatest coaches!

Foxwoods with the New York Knicks: Golfing with Coach Woodson!

Tune in with me on Sat 11th where the Knicks take on the 76ers,m but make sure you get you gear to rock this season!


Go Knicks, Xo Seema!

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