Love it. Line-It-Up! #Target #FIR

Seema_Style_Love_Line_2014Hi Fairways Friends,

Okay first… how cute is my bumble bee outfit?!  I’m wearing a yellow fitted tennis dress from the brand LIJA, and a black and grey turtle neck capri-sleeve underneath, to keep warm and add a little flair!

As you can see, today I am lining up my drives.  There have been times that I have struggled with my driver, but it all comes down to a few thoughts that have got me and can get you back on track, and loving your driver again!

Part of my pre-shot routine requires me to line up to where I want to hit the ball!  I wanted to share a quick tip for those of you teeing-it-up today!


STEP 1:   Stand behind the ball and get a good idea of where you want to hit the ball in the fairway.  From the target draw a visual line back to where you are standing, the line should be how you think the ball will fly to the target.  See that line in your mind and focus on that line while you are behind the ball.

STEP 2:   Pick an intermediate target a foot in front of you that is on your visual line to the ball.  Align your club face to your intermediate target.  Set your feet and shoulders parallel to your intermediate target and your club face so that you are confidently ready to execute your tee shot!


This will help you hit more “Fairways in Regulations” #FIR!  There is no better way to start off a round than striping a solid drive down the center of the fairway!

Line up with Love, Seema

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