Golfing with my Dad! #Family #Memories

Seema_Style_Dad_2014Happy Monday!

My Dad and I played at Dragon Ridge Country Club in Las Vegas this past weekend and we had a blast!  I always enjoy playing golf with my dad, it brings back great memories from when I was a little girl.

My Dad would take me to the course and watch me hit golf shots for hours! We shared lots of laughs and great memories on the course!

My Dad loves Golf Fashion too!  He wears the cutest outfits!

For this special round, I wore a really cute golf ensemble! A dark grey, white and black long sleeve thermal snowflake pattern shirt, a black frilly skirt and thigh-high socks!  I accessorized it with a black and white Titleist hat and my favorite black and white patent leather FootJoy Shoes! #Stylish

Love Seema 🙂

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