Draw a line before you Chip! #ChipTip #Fun

Seema_Style_Chipping_LineHi Chip-munks!

Chipping is a great way to begin your warm up, or just practice when you don’t feel like going to the range.

Chipping also helps you develop rhythm and feel for your swing as well as short game:)

Chipping is a great way to use your imagination!

Here is my 2-Step Golf Tip to get you Chip-Tastic!


Draw an imaginary line that you think the ball will roll from ball-to-hole.  See that line, visualize the ball rolling down that line.  When you are taking your practice chips, see the ball rolling down the line so that your feel matches your shot. Read the break of the green to help you pick your exact line.


Trust your judgement!  That is what practice is for!  Follow your visualized line and chip the ball down your imaginary chipping line.

Do you see the diagram above?

The diagram shows you that the ball will break right.  The visualized line drawn is drawn so the ball will drop in the cup. Try and chip-it-in!

Let me know how it works out!

Love, Seema 🙂

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