Golf Swing & Tennis Fashion! #Frills #VenusWilliams #EleVen

Seema_Style_Golf_Tennis_DressHappy Frilly Flower Monday!

As the New Year approaches I am excited to get back into the swing of things!

I am working on some changes with my golf swing as well as a whole new 2014 golf wardrobe! The dress I am wearing is EleVen by Venus and it’s absolutely adorable! It has all my favorite colors, flowers and a mesh frill at the bottom to give the dress a flair!

The most desirable part of this tennis dress is that it was worn by Venus Williams at the US Open!

I recently featured EleVen by Venus Williams on Seema Style when I was wearing another one of her amazing designs, the “Cincy Dress Python!” Tennis Dress!

Click Here to see The Venues Williams EleVen Cincy Python Dress!

My golf swing is progressing as I continue to work on a wider take away and a more shallow transition on my down swing!  I love taking pictures of my swing sequence so I can study my moves and understand my strengths and weaknesses!

GOLF TIP:  When you are working with your coach have him or her compare your golf swing to someone that has the angles and positions you are working hard to get to. As you practice and work on strengthening your positions in your golf swing, you can continue to compare your golf swing to that person and see if you are getting better and making positive improvements!

I am so excited for the New Year and I look forward to sharing with all of you my new 2014 Golf Tips and Fashion Tips! Let’s get ready for a great New Year together!

Love you, Seema

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