“Winter Flair” in Golf & Leisure Magazine #Style #Fashion

Seema_Style_Golf_Leisure_Winter_2013Hey Golf Glam-Glams!

I just saw the newest edition of Las Vegas Golf & Leisure Magazine!  My new Golf & Fashion feature is so cute, and I wanted to share it with you, it’s called “Winter Flair!” 🙂

I love providing golf tips for young girls and women to help them stay excited about golf during the colder seasons!  It’s always difficult to get all bundled up in layers of clothing, head out to the course and swing comfortably, but it can be done with a little “Winter Flair!”

There are several cute accessories and clothes in your closet to help you stay warm, fabulous and comfortable on the course!

Check out these really cute pink earphone ear muffs to practice and swing in!

I was so excited to see my friend Greg Anthony and former UNLV Basketball Star on the cover of this issue, that makes it all the more special!  Greg and I played golf together last year and talked about how fabulous the city of Las Vegas is.  We are so proud to be Running Rebel Alumni, GO UNLV!

Click here to read my feature with Greg Anthony!

My fabulous sister Nisha @NishaStyle also has a fun write up in this issue of Golf & Leisure, it is called “9 & 19”, A Round and A Round! 🙂  Nisha gives us tips on where to play a quick 9 holes and grab some tasty apps and cocktails around the area!

Click here to read my Golf & Fashion article!

I hope you enjoy my Golf and Leisure Golf & Fashion Tips!

Winter Love!  XO, Seema

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