Get Golf Glam! @getgolfglam

Seema_Style_Get_Golf_GlamLet’s Get Golf Glam!

Working on the game of golf with young girls is a passion of mine. I started a “Golf and Glam” program to introduce the game in a fun, welcoming and glamorous way for young girls!

Growing up I was taught golf by understanding the fundamentals first.  The power and strength I needed to produce to hit a solid golf shot was important, but fundamentals are still what I go back to.

I was such always such a girlie girl. I wanted to wear pink and sparkles, eat popsicles and hit balls on the range with hot pink tees and crystal pink balls.  Today, I am the same, and I use the way I felt growing up to shape my Golf and Glam School. I want to teach girls not only about how to hit a golf ball, but about the style, etiquette, fashion and beauty.  I also wanted to show my students that you can make great friends playing golf.  I want young girls to use golf to believe in their abilities on and off the course!

Have a GOLF & GLAM Party for your next Birthday!

It’s truly a joy seeing the girls laugh and enjoy themselves when they are out on the course.  Golf and Glam makes sure the game stays fun and exciting.

It is time to get golf glam girlies!

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Xo, Seema

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