Music on the Greens #Rhythm

Seema_Style_Music_On_The_GreenHi Music Lovers,

Have you ever tried practicing with music?

When I want to relax and work on the short game, I listen to music and practice my chipping and putting! It is a great way to “feel the rhythm” of each shot!

It’s always nice to occasionally step away from being so mentally focused on your practice sessions and have a little fun, music helps you do just that!

When I am on the course competing, I sing songs that I listen to when I practice because I know it makes me calm and gives me good tempo.

I love creating weekly playlists on my IPhone with old and new songs!  My playlists consist of many genres and artists!  Playlists help you stay motivated and commit to a time frame during practice. I’m a big fan of the 80’s! I listen to a lot of Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and New Edition when I am putting!

GOLF TIPS: When you are working on your short game and you want to listen to music, pick songs that give you good rhythm and smooth tempo on and around the greens!  Practice putting games and drills to your favorite rhythmic songs.  The next time you head out to the course, try singing those songs to yourself and see if your jams give you good tempo and rhythm!

Xo, Seema

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