3-Foot Fab!

Seema_Style_3_Foot_FabLet’s get our week started on the right 3 foot-er! 🙂

We all love to practice hitting golf balls on the range and seeing how far we can drive the ball before we tee off. It’s important to note that it is “putting” that adds up half our score card!

3-Foot Putts are not as easy as they look, especially under pressure. Only practice can make that pressure go away!

Get out a few golf balls and roll some putts in your home or office to keep a smooth stroke! Here is a quick and easy Golf Tip to help you be confident with your putter and lower your golf scores during the off-season!

GOLF TIP: 3 Foot Putts:

1. Find a short straight putt on the practice green. Place your 6 iron at the edge of the hole followed by a tee at the edge of the grip. This will give you the 3 foot putt to work on.

2. In line with the tee placed into the ground, align the center of the golf ball line (the seem) to where you see the ball dropping into the hole. Place your putter down behind the ball and have the line of your putter parallel to the seem of the golf ball.

3. Draw an imaginary line from your ball to the hole and slowly rock your head back and forth down the line visualizing the ball dropping into the hole. With a smooth 1 – 2 rhythm, rock your shoulders back and through the golf ball keeping your head and body steady. Try listening for the golf ball to drop in the hole instead of peeking at it!

Note: Try making 10 straight 3 foot putts in a row! Once you achieved that, reward yourself with something that you like, maybe some Hershey Kisses!!!  With your next set of 3 footers try making 20 and gradually work your way up so that you create confidence!

Look forward to working on this drill with you this week! Let me know how it works for you!

Xo, Seema

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