Troy Meier talks Fascial Stretch Therapy! #fitness #stretching #stayfit

Seema_Style_Troy_Meier_FascialHi Fitness Beauties,

Today I have a very special #Guestie my trainer and good friend Troy Meier! Troy has been my trainer for the last two years and has disciplined me on the importance of staying fit, stretching, and good health.

Troy recently got his certification on Fascial Stretch Therapy is happy to share with you the importance of stretching before and after your workouts:

SEEMA STYLE: What is your favorite brand to wear when you are playing golf or working out?

TROY MEIER: I am usually wearing Nike or Under Armour when I am active. I prefer the quality of their clothing for comfort and versatility.

“Staying strong and flexible helps me perform in all areas of my life, whether it is a work or on the course.”  -Troy Meier

SEEMA STYLE: Tell me about your athletic career growing up. How you get into fitness?

TROY MEIER: I was diverse in the sports I played growing up. I was involved in high school football and track. I also studied and competed in Tae Kwon Do for 3 years. I naturally fell into fitness as a course of study in college. My major was Fitness Management which helped me as a personal trainer and facility manager. After 5 years with Canyon Ranch I came to Dragon Ridge Country Club as the manager of the Tennis and Athletic Center. It has been a pleasure seeing the facility grow and evolve since opening in 2009.

SEEMA STYLE: 0086What is Fascial Stretch Therapy and how important is it for your body?

TROY MEIER: Fascial Stretch TherapyTM is an extremely effective method of assisted stretching to help increase mobility, enhance performance and reduce pain. Stretch to Win Institute created this modality to help NFL players enhance their performance. The results have transcended into all sport, as well as positively impacting the general population in their activities of daily living.

Fascial Stretch TherapyTM uses a wide range of techniques during the service to make stretching more effective. The goal is to relax the muscles to stretch the fascia.

whatIsSI_fasciaSEEMA STYLE:  What is Fascia?

TROY MEIER:  Fascia is the connective tissue in the body. When the fascia is tight, it can create issues in joints above or below the tight area. This can lead to a decrease in athletic performance or pain in joints that are being impacted.

SEEMA STYLE: How important is fitness and Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) for your golf game?

TROY MEIER: Staying strong and flexible helps me perform in all areas of my life whether it is a work or on the course. FST has increased my pain free range of motion which is a major positive to the game of golf.

0075SEEMA STYLE: How do you encourage and motivate your athletes when you work them out?

TROY MEIER: Luckily athletes tend to be self motivated and want to push themselves during their workouts. Although, we all have good days and bad and sometimes I let them know just showing up is the most important part to their workout on the low energy days. I will tailor their workout to their energy and give them the workout they need, not the one I want them to have for the day.

SEEMA STYLE: What is a good workout tip that everyone can do daily to stay fit and strong for on and off the golf course?

TROY MEIER:  It all starts with the core so let’s focus on that first. A plank is a simple and effective strengthening exercise that can be done anywhere. With only the elbows and toes touching the ground, bring the hips in-line with your body so you are parallel with the floor. Draw in your belly button in towards your spine and hold in place for 30-60 seconds. Do 2-3 sets depending on your fitness level.

Thank you for all the great tips Troy!  VISIT THE STRETCH TO WIN INSTITUTE

Hope everyone is having a happy and healthy day! Make sure to try Fascial Stretch Therapy, it truly is amazing!

Xo, Seema

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