Star Light Start Bright! #Inspiration

Seema_Style_A_Smiling_StarHey Super-STARS!

This is a photo shoot that I did back in April that I absolutely love! This star outfit is crazy-cool!

Stars will never go out of style. I have always had a thing for star shirts, skirts and accessories, they make me feel young and vibrant!

This shoot was so much fun, I wanted to incorporate all the things that play a role in giving me inspiration in my golf world. Fashion Magazines, sparkly Footjoy shoes (that I personally made), Titleist golf balls, Indian sparkly bangles and make-up scattered the floor, and made me feel like a golfing diva!

This picture was taken with the purpose of speaking to woman in the golf and sports world.Β  The message is to love what you do by being yourself when playing your sport!Β  We all go through life on different paths, and we find inspiration along the way.Β  Embrace your style and personality on and off the field!

Have fun with your style and smile! πŸ™‚

Xo, Seema

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