Pro-Am Pyramid! #GroupPictureTime

Seema_Style_Pro-Am_Pyramid#TBT Pro-Am Pyramid!

Greg Maddux’s Golf Tournament is one I look forward to every year. In 2012 the event took place at Spanish Trail Golf Club in Las Vegas!

Pro-Ams are so much fun and I love meeting new people who share the same passion for golf that I do! It’s always nice to have a fun group to spend the day on the course, share laughs and support a good cause!

This day in particular my pro-am group was hilarious! I think I laughed the entire 18 holes. During the round the photographer was going around taking pictures of each group so that when we finished our round we could pick up the framed picture to have as memorabilia from the tournament.  My group had decided that instead of doing a “wholesome” golf picture, (where we all stand in a straight line with our drivers) we do the Pyramid! WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Shotgun, I want the top of the pyramid:)

When we finished our round we headed to the 19th hole for lunch, prize presentations and more laughs, only to find out we had the best group picture of the tournament!

Here’s to my fun group and our pyramid of fun!

Xo, Seema

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