Challenge Yourself to an On-Course Lesson!

Seema_Style_Challenge_Yourself_On_CourseHi Lesson Lovers,

One of my favorite ways to practice and work on my golf game is on the course with my Coach, Vic Wilk:)  I love visualizing a type of shot and then having one chance to execute it correctly!  It is a great way to challenge yourself!

As an alternative to standing on the range and beating ball after ball, allow yourself to work on your drills and techniques on course.

Challenge yourself on the course by asking your instructor to take you on course for your next lesson.  Have him or her throw golf balls around a hole and make you hit shots that will strengthen your weaknesses.  Have your instructor think of different angles and lies on the fairways and around the greens and work with you to challenge yourself!

It is up to you to execute the best shot possible!  Make it fun and start using your imagination.

Vic is always challenging me mentally to become a better player, even when we are having fun. He wants me to be creative with  the use of my imagination, “There is more than 5 ways to hit a golf shot, try executing this shot differently than what you are use to”  he says.

Normally, I would step up to a shot and know exactly what I will use, but sometimes it’s not always the best selection. When you practice trying different shots, you will broaden your imagination and in turn, give yourself a better perspective on the different shots YOU can use and perform with!

Challenge yourself on the course with your instructor and make sure you HAVE FUN!

Xo, Seema

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