Nicole Hage talks Golf, Family & Life

Nicole_Hage_Seema_StyleHi Dollies,

Today I have a very special Guestie, Golf Diva and my childhood friend Nicole Hage! Nicole and I have grown up playing junior golf together, and ever since Nicole was a little girl, I remember her always being a Fashionista!

Let’s catch up with Nicole and talk about her favorite golf moments, fashion, family and friends!

SEEMA STYLE: What are your favorite brands to wear on the golf course? Do you have a specific brand of clothing you are loyal to?

NICOLE HAGE: Abacus for fall and winter and Lululemon for spring and summer! Abacus is known for their cold weather gear and this fall they knocked it out of the park with neon pink, green and orange! You can see me from a mile away 🙂

What more could I say about Lululemon, they have perfected the “skort” with an elastic band on the shorts so nothing rides up when bending down to read a putt ! And who doesn’t love ruffles!?

SEEMA STYLE: What are some of your favorite accessories to wear on the course?

NICOLE HAGE: Love my custom Foot Joy shoes that I create with the fab Ann Cain. I do patent leather on all of them so when they get dirty it’s an easy clean. My gloves are my favorite: G-Fore they have every color you can imagine and you can custom make different color combos. The leather is the softest and longest lasting I’ve ever used!

I use a couple of different ball marks- my friend Charlotte Campbell makes Blingo Ballmarks they are a favorite. I love my Seema Sparkle Pink and Red High-Heel shoe and Diamond Ring, they are so cute! My other fave is my Photo ballmarker! Nothing makes me smile more on the course than one of my puppies faces from a picture I took on my mark!

I only wear visors when I play and Pukka Headwear makes the most comfortable visor ever!  It fits just perfect on my head!

SEEMA STYLE: How did you get started into golf?

NICOLE HAGE: My parents took me to the range when I was 3.  I would go insane if my dad would leave me to go to the range without me?  So I started going with him to hit balls, and by the age of 7 I started playing in tournaments and the rest is history…

SEEMA STYLE: Your brother Joey is also an incredible athlete, how do you both motivate and support each other?

NICOLE HAGE: My brother is my hero! He is the toughest person I know and nothing phases him. He always has an amazing attitude and stays positive. This past year he came out to caddy for me and it was the most fun I’ve had on the course in a long time.

“…and who doesn’t like ruffles?!!!”

SEEMA STYLE: How was the transition from playing college golf at Auburn to professional golf?

NICOLE HAGE:  It’s tough, you miss your coach and your teammates, but you adjust and make new friends and over time find a different support system . I would say it definitely helps the first year to stay in housing so you are in a family environment each week, and you help save on some expenses.  You don’t realize how good a home cooked meal tastes until you don’t have one for months.

SEEMA STYLE: What has been your favorite moment thus far competing on the LPGA?Nicole_Hage_Seema_Style_2

NICOLE HAGE: Playing the British Open at St.Andrews, it was just incredible there are no words to describe it.  My dad came with me, which made the experience really incredible:)

Nicole_Hage_Seema_Style_DadSEEMA STYLE: Many people think that Tour Life is “Glamours”?  How would you describe your Tour Life?

NICOLE HAGE: It’s difficult but it’s awesome at the same time. You’re away from your friends and family but then you are traveling the world and standing in front of the Opera House in Sydney Australia!?  It’s just so cool to get to go to these places you grow up seeing in picture.  For me sticking to healthy food habits while on the road was hard, I wanted to try everything!!!  I also never traveled light, and my theory was I wanted to feel as comfortable as possible and that meant bringing a lot of things from home that made me feel “at home” and “comfortable”.

SEEMA STYLE: If you could give one piece of advice to an up and coming professional golfer trying to make it onto the LPGA what would it be?

NICOLE HAGE: If you think you’re working hard, work harder because the girls out on the LPGA are fierce and their short games are just incredible, actually ridiculous!  I find myself shocked sometimes, because a girl I am playing with will put on such a short-game-show during the round.

Recently, Nicole has decided to transition from golf into the work place, landing an amazing job with ClubCorp in Dallas, TX!  Congratulations to Nicole for having such an outstanding and admirable LPGA career, may your success on tour carry over to even more success in the workforce!

SEEMA STYLE: From the course to a business lady, what has been the best transition for you thus far?

NICOLE HAGE: I am just loving it! I get to dress up everyday and wear heels and feel good about myself because I am using my strengths and succeeding in what I’m doing!  I am proud of my decision to move forward, and using golf has helped me get here.


Thank you Nicole! Love you very much and wish you all the success in the world!

XO, Seema

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