Jay Harris Broadcasts his Game! #Guestie

seema_style_jay_harrisHi Sports Fans!

I have one of my most favorite broadcasters and friends Mr. Jay Harris as my #Guestie!  We play a lot of golf together and what you might not know is that Jay is a very talented player!  He hits it really far and has a passion for the game!  Let’s chat with him about it!

SEEMA STYLE: What are some of your favorite brands to wear on the golf course?

JAY HARRIS: I like Nike clothing. It fits me well, and I like the colors. I seem to fall back to FootJoys on my feet, except for my Nike Dunk NG’s. Both feel amazing. And comfort is key when I play.

SEEMA STYLE: Do you have a favorite golf accessory?

JAY HARRIS: Hmmmm, this is a loaded question. One of my favorites is my Seema Sparkly credit card ball marker that you gave me. I also have a ball marker/divot tool I like from the Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic I received at Pinehurst. As a side note, I really liked playing there, I am going back as soon as I can!

Jay_Harris_DaughterSEEMA STYLE: How did you get into golf? How did you get into Broadcasting?

JAY HARRIS:  I got into playing golf in the mid 90’s, with some buddies in Pittsburgh. I always loved the game. As a kid, I understood the game, I knew how to keep score, I just never actually played the game. I was too busy on the basketball court, but looking back I wish I’d pick it up at a kid.  I got my 7 year old daughter golfing early. Her swing is already better than mine!

My broadcasting career began in 1989, at a small AM radio station in Portsmouth, Virginia. I charted my career course in the 11th grade, after taking one of those career aptitude tests. I scored well in the area of interpersonal skills, and one of the jobs listed was journalist. I liked writing, so that’s what I chose.

“Don’t over think it. Just swing and hit the ball.”

SEEMA STYLE: How do you make time for golf with your busy schedule? What kind of golf events do you play in? Which event would you say is your favorite golf event and why?

JAY HARRIS: Simply put, I love the game!  Living in Connecticut, it’s always good to have a nice golf event or 2 in a warm climate to make the winters more bearable. I play in all kinds of events for various charities, and have many favorites. I would hate to pick just one. I will say it’s nice when I go to certain events, and they’re almost like family reunions with the celebrities and sponsors. Those are the ones where I actually get sad when they’re over.Seema_Jay_Tina

Me, Jay & Tina Cervasio:  The Broadcasters Foundation of America Golf Tournament at Baltusrol Golf Club

SEEMA STYLE: What is the difference between mentally preparing for being on camera for ESPN and mentally preparing for a golf round/match?

JAY HARRIS: It’s actually pretty similar. Writing copy and prepping a show is just like going to the range. My words, and my clubs, are my tools. I know questions I like to ask in interview settings, just like choosing a club for certain situations on the course. When the red light comes on, I just have to trust my ability and instincts, relax, and have fun. Same on the golf course. Don’t over think it. Just swing and hit the ball.

Seema_Style_Jay_Dream_FoursomeSEEMA STYLE: Who would be in your dream 4-some?

JAY HARRIS: Wow, that’s a tough question. I have so many friends I like playing with, and so many others I would love the chance to play with. I’ll go with my daughter, Tiger, and you. That would be a really fun day.

SEEMA STYLE: If you could give one piece of positive advice for someone trying to be successful in their job, sport and life what would it be?

JAY HARRIS: Love what you do. When you’re operating in that space, it gets no better.

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Thank you for being my #Guestie Jay! You are truly a great friend and role model for us all!

Xo, Seema

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