Making An Impact!

Seema_Style_Tiger_Woods_ImpactHey Golfing Beauties!

I’ve always admired the strength, angles and athletic positions of Tiger Woods golf swing. I try my best to emulate Tiger’s positions through impact. As women, we don’t have the power and strength of Tiger Woods, but we can develop similar fundamentals.   Just working on the fundamentals can give us extra yardage!

Let’s make an impact together so we can hit solid and more consistent shots.


1. Stay Down – Most amateurs share the same tendencies, they lift up through the impact position.  This is very common because we are anxious to see where our ball is going.  Staying down is one of the most important fundamentals to create a better impact position. It requires trusting your swing and committing to your shot. When making your transition to your down swing try keeping your chest down through the ball. Listen for the noise your club face makes at impact before looking for your ball!

2. Strong Core – It’s important to understand that your core muscles are guiding your swing. The core is what stabilizes your body throughout your entire golf swing. Strengthening your core will help provide a more consistent and strong impact position.  Tighten your core, and tighten your impact!

3. Good Extension – Having good extension at impact and in your follow through is a must. Good extension means to have strong forearms and width through the golf ball.  Good extension through the ball will allow your club to travel on a wide swing plane and creates solid contact.

Hope I make an “Impact” on your golf swing this week!  Let me know how you are hitting the ball this week by TWEETING ME FOR BIRDIES @seemasadekar ~

Xo, Seema

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