Meghan Hardin is all about #Golf #Style and #Fitness! #Guestie

Seema_Style_Meghan_HardinHi Everyone,

Today I have a very special “Guestie” and friend, Meghan Hardin! You may recognize the beautiful and talented golfer on this years Big Break NFL Puerto Rico!

Her fabulous team named “Rypien” consist of Mark Rypien, quarterback in the NFL for 12 seasons,  Meghan Hardin, and James Lepp, who was previously on Big Break Greenbrier! We wish Meghan and her team the best of luck!

Let’s find out more about Meghan’s #Fashion and #Passion for the game!

SEEMA STYLE: What are some of your favorite brands to wear on the golf course?

MEGHAN HARDIN:  My favorite golf brand to wear on the golf course is Ralph Lauren Polo. Ralph Lauren is a brand that I am loyal to wearing when I am competing. However, I like to switch things up on the course and wear something like Lululemon.

SEEMA STYLE:  What are some of your favorite accessory to wear on the course?

MEGHAN HARDIN: Accessories are very important to my look on the golf course! I have to be all sparkly and blinged out! I mix gold and silver together with my outfits. I can’t go to the golf course without my watch, coming to think of it,  I can’t go anywhere without my watch it’s my most favorite accessory. My watch is two toned so I can wear gold and silver.

SEEMA STYLE:  Jewelry is fun to wear on the course!  Do you wear other types of jewelry?

Yes!  I also like to wear my silver Return to Tiffany’s necklace and a gold bracelet with diamonds  that my grandmother passed down to me. My earrings diamond earrings I wear, I never take out. I definitely like to bling myself out but I don’t go too over the top and I keep the jewelery simple. I will also wear my Tiffany Sunglasses. As you can see I am obsessed with Tiffany’s and they have provided me sponsorship to wear their sunglasses on the golf course.

SEEMA STYLE:  Tell me about how being a CHEERLEADER has helped carve out your GOLF style!

MEGHAN HARDIN:  Being a former cheerleader and still a cheer fanatic I occasionally like to add a bow to my hair. In Cheerleading, we would doll ourselves up by doing our hair, fun make up, bows, sparkles, and glitter to stand out at the football games or competitions. So I have added that to my look on the golf course. Not everyday do I go over the top with my make up or hair but if I am playing in a tournament or a special event, I treat it like I would for a cheer competition. I put on eye shadow accordance to my outfit and I curl my hair or do a unique sporty updo.

Seema_Style_Meghan_Hardin_2SEEMA STYLE: Tell me about your amazing relationship and sponsorship with Wilson Staff?

MEGHAN HARDIN: One of the reasons I chose Wilson Staff is because of their history and legacy. Their brand has won the most majors out of any other brand on tour. Another reason is because I LOVE their irons! At the end of the day the most important thing about choosing a brand is being able to perform with the product and I believe the Wilson Staff equipment fits me best!

SEEMA STYLE: You always look so great and fit, it is inspirational and exciting:)  What are some things you do on the road fitness and health wise to stay fit?

MEGHAN HARDIN:  Thank you Seema! One of my latest investments that I use to stay fit on the road is Insanity. Sometimes it’s too hard to go to the gym when you are on the road so I researched different workout programs that work in hotel rooms and Insanity ended up being the program that fits the hotel life.

SEEMA STYLE:  Just say you totally forgot to pack Insanity and there is no gym… Tell me how you would work out!

MEGHAN HARDIN:  I use the furniture in the room as my equipment. If you can’t go to the gym and you don’t have Insanity, I think body weight workouts are the best workouts for you. Sometimes I’ll use the bed to do incline and decline push ups. Or use a chair in the room to do step ups on each leg. Or use the chair to do dips. If worse comes to worse and you have absolutely no equipment, jogging, push ups, and squats are free.

“If you want to have a cute booty in golf skirts and in a bikini do lots and lots of squats!”

SEEMA STYLE:  Talk to me about your “Tour Life”.  How was the transition for you from collegiate golf to professional golf?

MEGHAN HARDIN: The tour life is awesome! It was a tough decision giving up college golf at Cal State to become a professional but I love every second of it. Most 20 year-old girls are going to college, joining a sorority, going to class, or going to college parties but if you are willing to give up a “normal” life and work on something that most people dream of, it is totally worth it.  Professional Golf is worth giving up everything else.  Sure I’m missing out on the college experience but I don’t care about that. I care about my dream.

SEEMA STYLE: What do you find is the easiest and the hardest part about traveling?

MEGHAN HARDIN: The easiest is that I get to travel the world playing different golf courses. From Puerto Rico to New York to Florida to the Bahamas… I’ve traveled to so many places, and if it weren’t for golf, it would be hard to see all these places.  The hardest part about traveling is managing my schedule. It has been a struggle from time to time to manage practice, play, pack, workout, and finding “me” time. I try to plan for each trip in advance, it becomes easier to manage.


SEEMA STYLE: How important is it to surround your self with good people and support team?

MEGHAN HARDIN: One of the most important things about being a professional golfer is having a good support system. You need to have a group of people you can trust and rely on. My support system consists of my mom, dad, brother, step dad, grandmother, and my agent. I don’t make any major decisions without them because no matter what happens, they will always have my back.

SEEMA STYLE:  If you could give one advice to an up and coming professional golfer, what would it be?

MEGHAN HARDIN:  My tip would be to play in as many tournaments as you can. This last year I regret not playing enough tournaments. I practiced a lot, but I didn’t apply it under pressure as much as I should have. My goal for 2014 is to play in as many tournaments as I can so that when the important tournaments like Q School and US Open Qualifier come around, I am used to the pressure!

Thank you Meghan for being a wonderful “Guestie”!  Look forward to following your career the rest of the way and wish you much happiness and success!

Xo, Seema

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