Why Finish High?

Seema_Style_Why_Finish_HighHowdy Golf Goddesses!  I am just working away at the Butch Harmon School of Golf here in Las Vegas with my Coach Vic Wilk!

Why is a “High Finish” so important?  What does it do for your golf swing?

For my swing, a high finish gives me a higher ball flight. I tend to come down a little steep and over the top. My tendency is to take the club back a little outside and when under pressure, my right shoulder starts my downswing which give me an over the top and “low finish”.

Here are 3 steps to get you a High Finish:

1. Hands in front: Have a good take away, feel like the club is in front of you and parallel to the ground. This first part of the swing is very important in making sure the rest of your golf swing is on plane.

2. Right shoulder back:  Make sure you have a good shoulder turn. Have a feeling like the right shoulder has a full turn going back making for an easy and smooth transition coming down.

3. Keep your back to the target on the way down: Making the transition on the way down is really important, feel like your right shoulder is staying back.  Your back should feel like it is staying to the target. This will help your arms and club drive more from the inside of the golf ball giving you a nice and “High Finish”!

Every swing is different, but this is what helps me hit it higher and straighter.  I want you to do the same:)

Xo, Seema

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