Flex Alexander Loves Golf! #Guestie

Seema_Style_Flex_AlexanderMy special #Guestie and friend in the house Mr. Flex Alexander! I know we all know that he is a very talented actor, but is he into golf? Let’s find out…

SEEMA STYLE: What are your favorite brands to wear on the golf course?

FLEX ALEXANDER:  My favorite and only brand I wear to golf is Nike! I have been with nike long before they had a golf division so the transition was very easy for me! Ryan Duchene and Tony Fazz take great care of me.

SEEMA STYLE:  Do you have a favorite golf accessory?

FLEX ALEXANDER: Other than my sparkly credit card ball marker you gave me at Ahmad’s event, I would say my TW14’s shoes and my TW shirts are a must have for me, but my sparkly credit card marker helps me knock in those crucial putts.

SEEMA STYLE: Awesome! Love the sparkly Credit Card Marker too! How did you start golfing?

FLEX ALEXANDER: I started playing golf kind of through my acting career, i was doing a series called Homeboys In Outer Space and my co-star Darryl Bell used to come to set every day with a golf book or golf clubs, and I would say “man what’s this golf crap?’ and he’d say “man just come to the driving range? i went hit one good 7 iron and that was it, I was hooked, and it happened to be right when Tiger won the Masters in 97.

SEEMA STYLE: How do you make time for golf with your busy schedule? What kind of golf events do you play in?

FLEX ALEXANDER: Even though I am busy I still make time for my golf. I have to have it. It keeps me sane, I play in several tournaments from Jack Wagner’s Celebrity Event to Michael Jordan’s which is my favorite other than when i played the Bob Hope.

SEEMA STYLE: Congratulations on hosting your 1st Annual Flex Alexander golf tournament! What made you decide to host your own golf tournament?

FLEX ALEXANDER:  I decided to do my own tournament because I help so many other causes. I wanted to do something for what i believed in, my foundation is called IKNOWMYNAME, it is for mental health, my mom suffers from schizophrenia and it’s important to find alternative solutions and support for families that deal with it.

SEEMA STYLE: Who all came to support your event that made it special for you?

FLEX ALEXANDER: Our first year was good,  we had Dr J , Byron Scott, actor Mykelti Willamson, Kyle Massey former NFL players Victor Greene and Harold Greene! We all had a great time.

SEEMA STYLE: Are you planning on hosting a second annual Flex Alexander tournament next year?

FLEX ALEXANDER: I definitely want to do it again, however I just don’t know if i’ll do it out of town, it was a lot for me and a lot of very hard work, so we will see where it will take place for next year.

SEEMA STYLE: What is the difference between mentally preparing for a acting role and mentally preparing for a golf round or match?

FLEX ALEXANDER: I think preparing for an acting role and playing golf are similar, you have to focus on lines and what’s going on in the scene. In golf you have to focus on what you have been working on and your’e situation and also trusting it.

SEEMA STYLE: What acting role has been your favorite to date?

FLEX ALEXANDER: I would have to chose two, my series One On One, then Poor Boys Game, a boxing movie I did with Danny Glover, I was in amazing shape doing that movie, trying to get back to that now.

SEEMA STYLE: Who would be in your dream 4 some?

FLEX ALEXANDER: My dream 4 some would be Myself Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Bubba Watson!

Thank you Flex for letting us into your golf world and being a Guestie on Seema Style!

Xo, Seema

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