BALM IT with EOS Lip Balms :) #lipcare #fun

Hello Seema_Style_EOS_Balm_ItLip Balm Lovers,

Have you all tried the amazing EOS Lip Balms recently? If not, it’s time to show your lips some loving:)

I want to start off by thanking EOS for sending me all their flavorful and new flavorful products for me to try! I have been a fan of EOS products for a while and carry their balms every where I go!

I am in the sun for 6 to 7 hours sometimes more in a day. It’s important to nourish and protect your lips. I use EOS’s Lemon Drop with SPF 15 when I am playing golf. For me it’s important to not only use SPF on your body and face, but also your lips. It’s important to take care of your skin by staying hydrated and using products like EOS that help keep your lips and skin healthy and fresh. Their Lip balms are packed with natural conditioning oils, rich antioxidants Vitamin E that helps keep your lips, soft, moist and smooth.

EOS has so many of our favorite natural flavors in their balms. Strawberry Sorbet, Medicated Tangerine, Summer Fruit, and Sweet Mint are my faves.

EOS Lip Balms are everywhere!  Look in stores like ULTA, Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens or your nearest Drug Stores, they are very reasonably priced starting at $3.29. Make sure to check out their Limited Edition Lip Balm 4 pack and get 4 amazing flavors in one stop!



I love you EOS! Thank you for spoiling me! I truly love all of your products!

XOXO~ EOS Kisses, Seema

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