Fight Night! #Team #Mayweather vs. #Alvarez

Seema_Style_Fight_Night_Mayweather_CaneloIt’s Fight Night!

Las Vegas will be going crazy tonight at the MGM Grand for the Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez fight!

I love the energy in and around Las Vegas when there is a fight in town.  When I am at the fight or watching it on TV, I usually close one eye and watch the punches with the other eye barely open! While everyone else is cheering, I feel really bad for whoever is getting hurt, punched in the face and bleeding. #Fightbuzzkill

Floyd Mayweather, is one of my favorite athletes! I love his confidence, work ethic, and his fight to always be the World’s Greatest!  He has proven to the world with his several championship titles and his #1 World Ranking that he is the greatest and the one to beat!  Mayweather also resides in my pretty city, Las Vegas where I hope to one day teach him how to play golf in return for a few boxing tips!

I love to box!  It’s an amazing workout and when you have pretty pink gloves like I do, it makes it that much more fun!  Mayweather’s gold gloves and Canelo’s Silver gloves are pretty sweet and shiny too! I want them:)

Hope everyone has picked whose team they are on: Team Alvarez or Team Mayweather?  Make sure you tune in to the fight tonight

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