Who Wore It Better?! #TBT #NicoleScherzinger

Seema_Style_Nicole_Jump_SuitIt’s #TBT Who Wore It Better?!

I am a huge fan of Nicole Scherzinger, her look, style and elegance is very real! I’m also a huge jumpsuit fan! I love that jumpsuits don’t take as much effort to put together!  It’s just a one piece! 🙂

With the jump suit, all you need are some cute accessories and you’re out the door!

I follow Nicole on Twitter and came across a picture she posted where we are wearing the same jumpsuit with a similar belt defining our waist!

Nicole’s is in royal blue jump suit with a low cut v-neck and a silver belt. I am wearing a black jumpsuit with low cut v-neck, a sparkle-diamond belt.  For accessories, I obvi have my Taylormade R11 Driver, and to finish the look… my favorite hot red Fendi purse:)


Who wore it better?  Tweet us!  I love that Nicole and I have similar taste in clothing! 😉

Xo, Seema

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