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Seema_Style_Larry_MowryI am very honored to have my special legend & “Guestie” Larry Mowry talk fashion and golf with me today! Mr. Mowry  is such an inspiration and role model to all professional golfers and continues to expand on growing the game of golf while encouraging youth to pursue their dreams. Today, Mr Mowry shares his experiences and knowledge.

SEEMA STYLE: We have to talk fashion first!  What are your favorite brands to wear on the golf course and why?

LARRY MOWRY:  I love Adidas climacool and adizero golf shirts. For whatever reason they fit me perfectly and last through several washings. In slacks and shorts I like Polo and Hagger as long as they are slim cut. I don’t like the baggy butt look, LOL.  For my shoes I like AdiZero as they are light and stable.

SEEMA STYLE:  Do you have a favorite golf accessory or piece of equipment?

LARRY MOWRY:  I have what I call a golf accessory:  A Casio EX FC200S camera I got in Japan that is fantastic. Small, fits right in my pocket. Incredible golf video camera.

SEEMA STYLE: How did you get started into golf?

LARRY MOWRY:  As a caddy, I loved baseball.  Caddying was a way to pick up some money.  We lived in the projects so money was extremely scarce. 18 holes brought in $1.25 to the caddy. A $2.00 man was looked upon as the best person to caddy for.

My pitching through junior high was legend as nearly all were no hitters. I was romanced by the (then) Boston Braves. I had a fiery fastball that broke up and in on right handers. Unfortunately that up and in beaned a lot of kids in the head in an era where batting helmets didn’t exist. I didn’t do it on purpose but parents thought I did. Had a knuckle change-up that broke 4 feet some days. Anyway, I figure most of those kids I beaned are in Congress right now which explains everything.

I started playing golf and I enjoyed it much more than baseball as it was entirely individual which better suited my competitive attitude.

SEEMA STYLE:  What has been the most memorable experience of your career?

Mowry Senior PGA win web-1LARRY MOWRY:  It was the USGA Senior Open in Connecticut, and my first year playing on the Champions Tour. Final round I’m paired with Arnold Palmer in a twosome. They cheered for Arnie on every tee, every fairway and every green. On the first hole I was on the front fringe. The cheering was so wondrous I had tears in my eyes with emotion. I prepared to chip but I could barely see the ball with my misty eyes. Meanwhile Arnie is standing to the side with his hands on his hips looking at me and probably wondering why I was delaying – LOL.  I finally got it together and parred the hole.

Later in the round a big banner was hanging on a second level balcony of a house that read “GO ARNIE!”  He stopped and waved and said “See Larry, that is a homemade banner, aren’t people wonderful?” It was then and there I changed my total attitude about just how important the people are that watch us play.

I believe I shot 71 on the final round and had a decent finish, but playing solid golf with Arnie that day said I could compete on the Champions Tour.  So naturally I absorbed a better feeling of the surroundings of that tour. I was a Monday qualifier that year, so I told my wife as we drove to Monday qualify in Syracuse “Don’t worry about my play anymore, I’m going to do just fine from here on in.”

Later I won the Crestor Classic in Richmond, Virginia to be the first Monday qualifier to win on the Champions Tour beating Gary Player with a birdie on the final hole.

Two weeks later I won the Pepsi Senior Challenge in Atlanta with a record score playing the final round with Arnold Palmer (he lead by 4 strokes) and Gary Player tied for second with me. I shot 66 the final round to win by two.

It all went back to respecting what Arnold Palmer showed me in Connecticut… A true love for the game as well as a love for those who pay to watch us compete.

SEEMA STYLE: I can feel your emotions in this story, it all seems so surreal.

LARRY MOWRY: You have a scoop there as I’ve never disclosed it before.  I told Arnold once, “You are the very essence of golf”.

One time Arnold and I were paired in Hawaii. The rain was ridiculous and very much like the bishop playing in the storm in the Caddy Shack movie. Arnie realizing the similarity walked exactly like the bishop in the movie holding his club to the sky and laughing charging into the sideways rain… I can see that clearly to this day.

SEEMA STYLE: Who would be your dream 4 some?

LARRY MOWRY: Hogan, Snead, Bolt

SEEMA STYLE: If you could give one piece of advice to up and coming players what would that be?

LARRY MOWRY:   “Never be chicken-hearted”.  Practice uncomfortable shots on weeks off (you know what they are) If you had a successful tournament go out the next day and practice.

Read the simple book by Richard Bach called “Illusions” which requires imagination but if you have imagination it ends any need for golf psychs as that tiny book becomes a full library.

Be a warrior on the inside and a gentle and polite person for public view.

Thank you Larry for being such an inspiration.  You are a mentor to those golfers trying to live their dream by sharing your experiences. XO, Seema


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