Ann Cain Titleist & FJ! #Guestie

Seema_Style_Ann_CainOne of my favorite stylish women in golf is the fabulous Ann Cain. Ann is a household figure in the Women’s Golf World, she oversees all of Titleist and Footjoy Golf Brands. Needless to say, she is the only woman with a better golf shoe collection than me, but it is because of Ann that I am able to enjoy the best shoes and balls in the game!

I am talking to Ann about golf, boys, fashion, travel and just being down-right fabulous πŸ™‚

SEEMA STYLE: Being a golfer and needing fashion essentials away from golf wear, how and where do you shop?

ANN CAIN: I’m big into online shopping, I will type in red sequins, strapless, patterns that I am into and see what comes up on the internet. If I had to pick a spot to shop, would have to say BEBE, I get all my jeans there.

SEEMA STYLE: What do you wear on the Golf Course?

ANN CAIN: On the golf course, I wear both FJ ladies shirts and Girls Golf Clothing. I have a variety of skirts and tops and I love to mix and match and keep things new!

SEEMA STYLE: How many amazing FootJoy Golf Shoes do you have in your closet?

ANN CAIN: Wow, not sure I know that answer, I have a lot, but never count. I just make sure I match every outfit, without fail!

SEEMA STYLE: Titleist and FootJoy carefully select Female players to work with during a season. How do you select LPGA & LPGA Symetra Tour players to be apart of the Titleist & FootJoy team? Do you have requirements?

ANN CAIN: I am selective mainly due to budgets, but it makes it all the more important to balance all the criteria. You can’t be everything to everyone. I trust my decisions and judgement and typically go by money lists, past performance, and loyalty to the brand.

SEEMA STYLE: You’ve worked closely with The AJGA Junior Girls Golf Program, how important is it to you to grow junior girls golf?

ANN CAIN: Junior golf is the next generation of players. I think it is best to get connected with the young players early and develop a relationship as they grow.

SEEMA STYLE: Who would be in your dream foursome and why? What course would you play if you could play anywhere in the world?

ANN CAIN: I’ve seen so many golf courses and played many too, I’ve been very fortunate. I value my home time, so I’d probably pick a course close to home in Atlanta. it’s all about the company that makes golf fun for me. Seriously… You, me and 2 hot guys πŸ™‚ Boys vs girls for dinner and we win πŸ™‚

SEEMA STYLE: OMG! Totally:) How much traveling do you a year? What are your secret travel tips? Ie, How do you pack, How many suitcases, shoes, make-up….

ANN CAIN: Make it a point to never count the days, just do what my body says it can. Packing is so simple, I do have a checklist, done in no time. 1 large checked bag, computer carry on bag and purse. I’ve had my luggage lost many times, only thing I pack in carry on is my favorite jeans. Would hate to lose them. Would carry make up on with me if wasn’t for the 3 oz rule. 😦

Thank You so much Ann for filing us in on all your golf fun and fabulousness! I will make sure to set up your dream foursome soon;)

Xo, Seema



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