Get Grip Glam with Golf Pride

Seema_Style_Grip_Glam_Golf_PrideHi Grip Glams!

I have been using Golf Pride Grips for 10 years now and I love them:)

I am a huge fan of the New Decade Multi Compound grips, they are very weather friendly and feel soft in your hands. I use to always order the Pink, Purple and Baby Blue Golf Pride grips because these colors always go with all my outfits and nails!

Golf Pride has discontinued those colors for right now:( Dear Golf Pride: Please bring them back!

Luckily, Golf Pride still has a great selection of grip colors to keep your clubs looking stylish and pretty!

I was lucky enough to receive a shipment last week of the last few Baby Blue Golf Prides New Decade grips to use for the next 2 months.

GOLF TIP: It’s important to change your grips every 2-3 months for those who play and practice on a regular basis. For those of you who do not play frequently I would recommend changing your grips every 50 rounds of play. It’s important to understand that grips lose their feel after a while and can start getting slippery and uncomfortable in your hands.

Make sure you go to your nearest golf store and check out the New Decade Golf Pride Grips!


Please Tweet me @seemastyle or Send me a message and let me know if these grips work for you!

Xo, Seema

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