Glitter & Golf with Mariah Carey!

Seema_Style_Mariah_Glitter_GolfHappy Diva Day,

Music Week continues with one of the most influential musical artists and a true Diva, Mariah Carey!

Mariah is considered one of the most talented female recording artists of all time, spending a record 79 weeks at the #1 position on the Billboard HOT 100! She is unreal! I have every one of her albums on Tape, CD and iTunes:)

Not only is she a successful and talented artist, but Mariah loves to sparkle, just like ME! Everywhere she goes, she wears the best sparkly outfits, hair accessories, shoes and even her microphone sparkles!

Just like when Mariah goes on stage to perform in her sparkly outfits, I go out on my stage, the golf course, to perform in my sparkly outfits:) #Twinzies 😉

I love that Mariah loves to play golf!  We both love “Swinging In Heels”, sparkles and butterflies:)  Not sure if  you’ve tried swinging in heels before, it’s not easy. It takes a lot of concentration and balance to execute a good shot without hurting yourself!

Mariah is in my Dream Foursome~ just because she’s too SPARKLY-FAB! 🙂

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Love you Mariah:) Xo, Seema

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