Javier Colon Sings & Swings! #Guestie

Hi Musical Birdies!Seema_Style_Javier_Colon_Cover

So excited to have the very talented, humble and gifted Javier Colon on Seema Style! Javier is a good friend of mine who loves to play golf when he is not on tour! Golf is a passion for Javier and we talked to him about golf, music and life!

SEEMA STYLE: What is your favorite brand to wear on the golf course? What is your favorite golf accessory?

JAVIER COLON: I’m a Nike guy through and through. I’m very fortunate to be on staff with Nike, they are so amazing. They’ve been supporting me since way before The Voice, because of the amount of Pro-ams I play in. They send me the latest and greatest clothes and equipment every season, it is like Christmas coming twice a year! Their clothes always looks great and I love representing their brand on the golf course. I wear my Seema Sparkle Teddy Bear Ball Marker all the time too, it helps me make birdies!

SEEMA STYLE: Who got you into golf?

JAVIER COLON: When I was working on my first album on Capitol Records back in 2002, my producer and good friend Kevin was in love with the game. He thought

I’d like golf too because I played baseball in high school. Kevin brought me out to a par 3 course in Van Nuys, CA to try it out. After 4 holes I was hooked. I bought used clubs from the pro-shop that day and proceeded to play that particular course 28 of the following 30 days. I caught the bug bad!

SEEMA STYLE: How many performances do you do a year? How do you make time for golf with your busy schedule?

JAVIER COLON: My touring schedule varies every year. I can have anywhere from 100-250 + shows a year depending on what’s going that year. The great thing about being a musician is that our work is usually done at night which leaves a lot of time during the day to play golf before a show. When I’m on tour I always have my clubs under the bus. My Drummer, Trever, is a great golfer so we go out and play every chance we get. Its pretty awesome.

SEEMA STYLE: What was the difference between when you competed on the VOICE and competing in a 18 hole golf tournament/pro-am?

JAVIER COLON: Well… The pressure was pretty high when competing on The Voice. I really felt like I was fighting for life, for a chance to support my family doing what I’ve always wanted to do. It was intense. Playing in a pro-am definitely makes me nervous at times, but never THAT nervous. I know I’m not a pro so I try not to set my expectations too high.

SEEMA STYLE: How do you prepare yourself before going on stage to perform?

JAVIER COLON: I start getting mentally prepared as I’m making my set list. I like to cater my show to the crowd and all so I pick the right songs for each audience. Physically, I do vocal warm-ups, but in moderation. The only time I really spend doing a lot of warm-ups is when I have a cold and I really need to stretch my vocal chords more than usual.Β Seema_Style_Javier_Colon_Foursome

SEEMA STYLE: How do you prepare/warm-up before playing 18 holes?

JAVIER COLON: I’m a range rat! I love hitting balls before a round. I always start with a 60 degree, it’s my favorite club. I’ll hit 40, 60, 80, 100 yard shots with wedges and then move on to my 9 iron, 7 iron, 5 iron, 3 wood and finally my Driver. After I hit all those clubs I like to finish with one Driver, a 7/8 iron to simulate the actual hole on the course I am starting on.

SEEMA STYLE: Who would be in your dream golf four some?

JAVIER COLON: Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, and Bubba Watson, that would be awesome!

You can catch Javier on TWITTER and send him a message!

Keep up with Javier on INSTAGRAM!


Thank you so much to Javier for being a special Guestie for Music Week! You are so sweet and I love when you sing!

Xo, Seema

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