Brian McKnight talks Golf! #Guestie

Seema_Style_Brian_McKnight_Talks_GolfHi Jive Bunnies!

This week is music week and I am featuring amazing friends in the music world that love to golf!  Brian McKnight is a huge golf fan, and loves to play as much as he can.  Let’s talk golf with B-Mac!

Seema Style: Golf style is huge for you, you love dressing up to hit the links.  What is your favorite brand to wear on the golf course?

Brian McKnight: I definitely like to be different and stand out on the course with my sense of golf style.  Galvin Green is a cool brand that fits well and unique.

Seema Style: Do you have a favorite golf accessory?

Brian McKnight: I use my Leapold Range Finder, it’s my favorite out of all the lasers. I also use my Seema Sparkle Credit Card ball marker you gave me every time I play.

Seema Style: I’m so glad you still wear and like the Credit Card:) What made you start playing golf?

Brian McKnight:  Tiger and my peer pressuring friends. My brothers didn’t play much golf and I think it’s because we didn’t have someone on tour we could relate to until Tiger came along.  Tiger made the game more interesting and he most definitely helped me pick up the game.

Seema Style: How do you make time for golf with your busy schedule?

Brian McKnight: Luckily I make my own schedule and golf is near the top of my “to-do-list” every day.

Seema Style: What is the strongest part of your golf game?

Brian McKnight: I am money from 200 yards and in. My short game is pretty good, I am always working on it. My Driver is a bit inconsistent, but I am continuing to work on my shots off the tee.

Seema Style: How many concerts do you do a year?

Brian McKnight: I do 100 shows a year.

Seema Style: How do you prepare yourself before going on stage?Seema_Style_Brian_McKnight_DreamFoursome

Brian McKnight: Staying in shape is what I do to prepare myself for every time I go on stage. It’s important and helps with my breathing control for when I am performing. I have been boxing for 4 years now, it keeps me moving and really helps with my hand-eye coordination along with my other work outs that I do daily.

Seema Style: How do you prepare yourself before going out to play 18 Holes?

Brian McKnight: Stretching is really important for me, especially as I am getting older. I also rely on my pre-shot routine to help me stay consistent and remain accurate for 18 holes.

Seema Style: Who would be in your dream 4 some?

Brian McKnight: I have to say me, Tiger Woods, Seema Sadekar and Jack Nicklaus!  That would be a lot of fun and a great challenge!

Thank you Brian for having me in your Dream Foursome, that would be so much fun!  I hope I get to pick the course!  Make sure you tweet Brian questions about golf and music, two of his greatest passions!



Have a wonderful day!

Xo, Seema

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