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Seema_Style_Prana_Hand_SanitizerHi Pretty Ladies,

CosmoProf Beauty Convention last week at Mandalay Bay was so much fun! My fabulous girlfriend, Cherie Dobbs, gave me the inside scoop about her amazing skin care brand Prana SpaCeuticals!

I was instantly drawn to this line after reading that Prana SpaCeuticals “doesn’t follow trends…they discover the ingredients that become the trends.”  I love this. I’m a fan of setting your own trends and letting your brand or product speak for itself, Prana SpaCeuticals does just that!

Cherie introduced me to all their products, but their Prana Organic Hand Sanitizer was my fave. As a professional golfer I’m constantly touching dirt, grass and am exposed bacteria on my hands from the golf course. It’s important to make sure your hands are clean frequently, so you don’t spread your germs, get sick or break out.

Hand Sanitizers kills 99.9% of germs when we apply and use it. Prana Organic Hand Sanitizer is unlike any other hand sanitizer that I have used, it not only kills the germs on your hands, but hydrates your them at the same time. They use organic Aloe Vera and Vitamin E that moisturizers and nourishes your skin and also peppermint oils that will leave your hands feeling refreshed and clean!

Put a Prana Organic Hand Sanitizer in your golf bag and try using it every 6 holes to avoid spreading germs and getting sick!

CLICK HERE TO VISIT PRANA SPACEUTICALS and check out all their amazing products!

#Sanitize in Style! Xo, Seema


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