Jill says “Chanel”- Oh! #Guestie

Seema_Sadekar_Jill_Rosen_Chanel1Hi Seema Stylers! My name is Jill, I am Seema’s Guestie-Bestie 🙂

SEEMA STYLE: How did you get started with golf? Tell me about your golf career!

JILL ROSEN: When I was still in diapers, my nanny, Hazel, gave me my first set of little plastic golf clubs. I loved them and felt so grown up. In the beginning, I was just hitting little plastic balls in the yard trying to emulate my older brother who was really good. Eventually I started with group lessons and began playing regularly with my entire family.

SEEMA STYLE: How did you start to compete?

JILL ROSEN: I started playing junior golf around Missouri and the those tournaments were really fun and I was winning them all. By the time I hit high-school I started winning local and regional tournaments and ended up finishing 2nd at state my senior year. I ended up attending MU on a golf scholarship where I traveled all over the country playing golf and ended up meeting my best friend, your sister, Nisha! Today I play for fun with friends or business contacts and still manage to make a few putts here and there.

SEEMA STYLE: How do you use golf to connect to beauty?

JILL ROSEN: Beauty is fun and in a sport that is dominated by old school fashion and conservative style, a fun beauty routine can keep you feeling like yourself while you’re kicking everyone’s a$$ on the course.

SEEMA STYLE: How did Cosmetics and Beauty become a passion of yours?

JILL ROSEN: My big sister, Lauren, who is 8 years older than me would make me up when I was little. I thought it was really fun to see the colors she would choose and look in the mirror at my face transformed into a “grown up”. I started doing makeup for weddings on the side and doing freelance for Laura Mercier, Smashbox, and Anastasia. I’m now a certified beauty junkie and love the whole makeover process whether it’s for me or someone else!

SEEMA STYLE: Is it safe for your skin to wear make-up in the sun while playing golf?

JILL ROSEN: Absolutely! Makeup is a great barrier to the elements and provides your skin with an extra layer of protection from pollution that can damage the skin. The most important thing to do is to protect your skin with a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunblock and wear a hat and sunglasses.

Good golf makeup can be tricky. You want to look attractive but you don’t want your makeup to look heavy or garish. The key is to concentrate on perfecting the skin and having fun with sheer washes of color rather than attempting bold statement eyes or lips that can read a “little trashy” on the course.

SEEMA STYLE: Tell me about your FAVE make-up brand and how you would wear it to play golf or in the sun!

Seema_Style_Jill_Rosen_Chanel2JILL ROSEN: CHANEL CHANEL CHANEL!!! I’m going to play with a pink palette that has a good amount of grown up sparkle in honor of our beloved Sparkly Seema!

Step 1:  Apply SPF all over the face. Chanel’s Fluid SPF is great because it has UVA/UVB protection without the white look that most physical blocks have. It’s also not greasy and is a wonderful primer. Throw this in your bag for a reapplication at the turn.

Step 2:   Apply Chanel Perfection Lumiere with a foundation brush all over the face. Love this foundation because it keeps me from getting shiny and has a beautiful full-coverage.

Step 3:   Apply the Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Abstraction cream eyeshadow with a synthetic eyeshadow brush all over the lid and into the crease. This sparkly pink wash looks great in the daylight and is anything but boring.

Step 4:  Apply Chanel La Volume Mascara on top and bottom lashes. This high drama look will give you enough volume so you don’t need to bother with liner. This formula is ideal for the course because it won’t flake or run.

Step 5:  Apply your favorite shade of Chanel Bronzer all over the face to give the illusion of a sun-kissed tan. Apply the bronzer where you would normally get tan; cheeks, nose, top of the forehead and chin. Daytime isn’t the time to contour.

Step 5: Apply Chanel Scintellantes Glossimer in Desir all over lips to give a fun punch of sheer sparkly pink color to the lips. Perfect for the course because it’s sheer but still fun and vibrant. Throw that in your bag too for touch ups. If you’re concerned about lip protection, apply Fresh Sugar Lip in your favorite shade which has an spf 15.

Thank you Jill!  You are Cha-mazing!


Xo, Seema

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