Friends with Benefits!

Seema_Style_Friends_With_BenefitsHi my Friends with Benefits 🙂

The Benefit Cosmetics Line is one my favorites!  I swear by their Hello Flawless Foundation and Eye Concealer! #beauty #winning

Today I went to visit my Friend at Benefit, Dianna Haney from ULTA.  Dianna is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the brand. I always love to keep up-to-date with their new products. Dianna introduced me to POREfession.

1.  POREfession helps cover pores on your face. POREfession goes on your pores (forehead, cheeks, chin and nose) before you apply your fresh face!

2.  I like to apply the SPF 15 Hello Flawless Powder Foundation right after I use POREfession, this protects your skin in the sun and gives you a fresh glow and a flawless look!  Remember to choose products with SPF coverage if you are golfing or having other kinds of “fun in the sun”.

Thanks to Dianna for introducing me to the Benefit POREfession!  These are 2 staple products in my beauty bag.

CLICK HERE TO VISIT BENEFIT ONLINE!  Are you a Friend with Benefits? 🙂

Xo, Seema

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