KollagenX 24KT Gold Lip Gloss

seema_style_kollagenXHi Golden Golfing Goddesses,

Las Vegas is a city of Glitter and Conventions galore!  During my attendence at the CosmoProf Beauty Convention at Mandalay Bay I came across a company called KollagenX. This 24KT Gold Skin Care line is luxurious, luminous and amazing!

During my visit at their booth, I met the beautiful Rhia Sienna who spoiled me with a bunch of KollagenX goodies:) My favorite product I tried was the KollagenX 24KT Lip Gloss! This product is their newest edition to the lip care line.

I tried on the gloss and it was sheer, felt hydrating and a cooling tingle.  With collagen and vitamin E, the gloss is formulated to enhance your lip volume with cell renewal to make your lips fuller and healthier!  The result being a soothing and plump feel.  I love this for the golf course because it is simple, rejuvenating and pretty.

I was wearing MAC diva red lipstick when I approached the booth and Rhia said that the gloss can go over all color lipsticks giving it a gold sparkle and shine to your lips. For a cute night out or for 9-Holes with friends, this is the perfect go-to gloss!


XO, Seema

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