Turquoise Tuesday!

Seema_Style_Turquoise_TuesdayHappy Tuesday to all you Birdie Ballerinas!

I want to inspire you with Turquoise today:)

Golf Fashion Tip:  Pick a bright fun color and go for it!  You can match from head to toe in golf and it’s okay, be fun and vibrant on the course.  For golf, try matching as much as you can, it makes you stand out on the links!

1.  OUTFIT:  I have on a cute turquoise thin sparkly long sleeve top with matching turquoise skinny jeans.  I paired the outfit with a my basic white patent leather FootJoys and a white Titleist visor, simple, “vibrant” and cute!

2.  ACCESSORY:  The “Call me Maybe” sparkly ball marker from the Seema Sparkle Collection by Bonjoc is in my new line this season.  Check out all of them, but this one totally matches for Turquoise Tuesday!


3.  NAIL POLISH:  My nails are neutral gel baby blue meets turquoise, and of course I have to have silver, red and turquoise sparkles!

I love you and I love turquoise:)

Xo, Seema

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