Caroline Westrup talks #Fashion, #Golf & #Family! #Guestie

Seema_Style_Caroline_WestrupHi my name is Caroline Westrup and I play on tour together with my fabulous girl Seema and both of us love to look great on the course!

When you are playing a professional sport there’s more than just performance to think about. How do you want to be betrayed as a person? I want my fans to be proud and look at me as a role model.

Seema Style:  Tell us about your experience this year at the Women’s US Open.

Caroline Westrup:  It was awesome, I loved it!  To be able to compete against the best players in the world is what I have always dreamed of.  It was the hardest golf course I think I have ever played!? 🙂

Seema Style: Your website is very pretty, just like you! Tell me about your new logo, how did you decide what you wanted as a symbol of you?

Caroline Westrup: I designed my own logo, I love it but had to think about it quite a bit 🙂 I’ve always liked stars, flowers and four leaf clovers and wanted to have one of those in my logo, it was really exciting to create different designs. I am a positive person, I like to work hard and still be social and fun!

I decided to use the four leaf clover as the my logo because it is also how I mark my golf ball. The four leaf clover means Good Luck but has also four leafs and my family consist of four people 🙂 When I look at my ball I think of my family, and that makes me smile and play better.


Seema Style: Let’s talk fashion, favorite color and signature outfits!

Caroline Westrup: When it comes to clothes I’ve always had the motto “Look great and you will play great” 🙂 I like the cute and sporty look when I play golf. My favorite color is purple and I always have an outfit during the week that is purple.

Seema Style: What are some of your favorite accessories to wear on the course?

Caroline Westrup: I love earrings and always have sunglasses that match my outfit!

Seema Style: What is your best piece of advice to give young women about turning professional?

Caroline Westrup: If you want to turn professional at any sport, have fun, stay positive and be committed. Think about the things that are important to you and maintain those things throughout your career! Make sure that you make others smile because you are a role model!

Good luck! Caroline 🙂

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