Golf & Basketball in Las Vegas! #NBA #SummerLeague

Seema_Style_Knicks_Southern_Highlands_2013Happy Monday Everyone!

I had a great weekend and hope you did too!  My sister Nisha and I spent the weekend golfing with our friends from the NBA.

Our team is the Knicks, and our favorite Coach is Coach Woodson (top picture), but we were happy to play with Coach Doc Rivers from the LA Clippers and Mr. Byron Scott (bottom left).  Here is a fun pic (bottom right) of me and Knicks Assistant Coach Darrell Walker of the Knicks, he is really fun!

It is Summer League in Vegas, and that means that there are lots of basketball games and fun activities going on in my city!  It is a great time of year to play golf with new and old friends, that is what golf is all about!

Here’s to making friends, playing golf and enjoying the special times of the summer!

Love Seema

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