Blue Jays Game! #Skydome #Toronto

Seema_Style_Blue_Jays_GameHi Everyone!

It’s Monday FUN-DAY!  Yesterday I went to the Toronto Blue Jays Game at the Skydome in downtown Toronto!  I went with my good friend John who was also my 1st prom date.   So cute… I know:)

I purchased my shirt and hat at the game! I liked Johns hat so I got the same one! I love the straight bill look outside the golf course! Makes me feel like I’m the female 50cent! #SportyChic

One of my favorite players are Munenori Kawaski, he has recently come from the minor leagues and recently hit his first home run for the Jays! Congrats MK!  The crowds always go crazy for him, it is so sweet.  He even has a chant when he goes up to bat, so creative~ He is always smiling and his team loves him!

I’m also a fan of Pitcher Brett Cecil, I think he is very cute!!! #crush #cute #callme 🙂  I love his style and his glasses! Every time the Jays have him pitch, he is so confident and I like how he doesn’t spit as much as the other pitchers:)

Well, we won the game against the Minnesota Twins 11-5! I’m totally their good luck charm… it’s crazy obvious 😉

Go Jays! Xo, Seema

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