Take the Time to Tap-Out!

Hey Putting Princesses!

Today I want to talk to you about putting and making the effort and time to focus on your Tap-Outs.

What is a “Tap Out” putt?

A tap out is a putt that is one foot or less. It is called a “tap out” because you are supposed to able to tap or knock the ball in the hole!

Here are 4 steps to make you concentrate and focus when you tap out:

Seema_Style_Tap_Out_Golf_TipSTEP 1.  SQUAT & SEE THE LINE

When you squat behind the ball, draw an imaginary line that you think the ball is going to travel before it falls into the cup.  Visualize the speed the ball will roll down the line that you chose.


Keep your putter in you right hand if you are a right handed putter, and in the left if you are left-handed putter when you walk behind the ball.  Focus on the same line that you chose in Step 1.  Focus on the line while you are walking up to the ball and moving into step 3.


Last week I got into detail about lining up short putts inside of 10 feet, CLICK HERE to read! by placing your putter behind the ball and lining up your putter.  Rock your head down the imaginary line you saw in step 1 and you will be ready for Step 4.


Using the line and speed that you envisioned in Step 1, take your putter back and forth as if you were rolling the ball into the cup with your hands.  Be smooth, and stay committed to your stroke and listen for the ball to drop into the cup!

Try not to pick up your golf ball or rush in tapping the ball into the hole without focus or concentration.  It is important for you to test yourself over the small putts too, they will give you confidence and help you improve mentally.

Putt with a purpose~ Xo, Seema

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