How do I tee-up my golf ball?

Good Morning Tee-mates!

I was playing golf the other day and noticed the woman in front had a great swing off the tee!  I saw she struggled with teeing-up her golf ball, and with such a good swing I realized that sometimes in golf, the most simplest things are left for you to figure out!?

Let’s learn how to tee-up your golf ball together:)

Seema_Style_How_to_tee_golf_ballHow do I tee up my golf ball?

a.  Take your golf tee and place it in between your index and middle finger, the sharp part of the tee should be facing down.

b.  Holding the tee in those two fingers, pick up a golf ball and place it on the flat part of the tee.  To keep the ball secure, use the space below your thumb, just on the inside of your palm to secure the ball and the tee together.

c.  Using the pressure of your palm towards your thumb, your index and middle finger, you can securely press the tee into the ground.  See my picture above?  It’s that easy! 🙂

What height should my tee be for a driver?

The height of your tee should be where the golf ball is slightly above your club face.  Take a look at the picture above, teeing the ball up makes it easier to swing!

I suggest using a 2 3/4 inch tee when teeing up your driver.  There are tees that are longer and shorter, but this length seems to work the best!

Tee it high and let it fly!

Xo, Seema

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