Happy Bithday to Me!~ :)


BIRTHDAY GOLF-GLAM UPDATE:  I’ve received amazing texts, tweets, calls and wishes for my birthday today:)  Just wanted to tell all my girlies/guesties/guys thank you so much!  Have a great night~ #Snuggles  -Seema @seemasadekar

Hi Everyone!

Today is my birthday!  28 years old, it is crazy how much I have been through.  I have made so many friends, met so many great people and had so many wonderful experiences.

Here is a selfie collage that I made from my instagram, blogs, golf course images, photo shoots and more!  I love making funny faces, and I obviously like to smile:)

I am playing a tournament in Canada right now, and if you are there, you are welcome to my party, there will be lots of birthday cake and giggles!

XO, Seema AKA The Birthday Girl!

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