Pink! Pink! Pink!

Seema_Style_Pink_Pink_PinkHi Fairway Feathers!  #OMG! It’s Pink Monday!~

Check out my @lijastyle pink golf dress that’s so cute, I can’t handle it! 🙂  I’m totally twirling my hair on the tee-box!

This dress is filled with pink layers in the back that give it an amazing flowing frilly look!  The frills swing with me, look at how cute they are at impact?!

My shoes are my custom Pink and Whites, made for me with love from FootJoy!  My Titleist visor is White, Navy Blue with a Baby Pink outline~ so cute for Monday right?

I seriously didn’t want to leave the course because I wanted my outfit to last forever…  Ladies, you know exactly what I’m talking about:)

I love Pink and I love YOU:)

Xo, Pink Frilly Fun ~Seema

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