3 “Powerful Thoughts” for your Left Shoulder!

Seema_Style_Left_ShoulderIt’s swinging Tuesday!

People ask me all the time, “what should I work on at the range?”

A main piece of advice is working on strengthening your left shoulder through your golf swing.  The left shoulder is what makes your swing strong, helps you increase distance and maintain power through the swing:

1.  WIND

When practicing, feel that you are starting your swing with your left shoulder, not your hands.  Too often I see students use their hands to take the club back.  Your hands will naturally move back with the left shoulder.  Feel the tension and stretch in your left shoulder when you are at the top of your swing.  In the picture, can you see the stretch in my back and left shoulder?  Look at my back and left shoulder, I am in a good position to make my next move.

DRILL:  In the mirror, using your left arm ONLY to wind back, see if you can notice the stretch in your left shoulder and back. This will force you to use more left shoulder and less arm.  Simply practicing this motion a few times can make a difference before hitting your shot.


Your left shoulder is in a fully stretched and powerful position to drive at the golf ball.  Many beginners use their hands and arms to get here and their “drive” is inconsistent and weak.  With the use of your left shoulder, you are ready to use that same stretch that you have loaded in your wind to attack the golf ball.  Drive through the golf ball feeling smooth.  Less arms more left shoulder:)


With this left shoulder feeling, it’s important that you are strong with your legs and your core, they provide the balance you need to stay strong with your left shoulder.  Balance is required to wind and drive through the ball.  Staying strong also means being committed to feeling your left shoulder stretch with each practice swing.

Have fun with your left shoulder on the range, enjoy working on this knowing that it creates more power when you least expect it:)

Left Shoulder Love!

Xo, Seema

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